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Benefits of Better Leaf

Introduction:-Vernoniaamygdalina (Asteraceae) known as bitter leaf is commonly consumed in many parts of Africa as leafy vegetable and is used in ethno-medicine to treat various illnesses. This study was undertaken to determine the effects of

VernoniaAmygdalinaon Phenyl hydrazine induced kidney damage in rats. Methodology:- Thirty (30) Albino rats were randomly divided into five groups of six rats each (n=6). Group 1 was normal control and the rats were fed with standard rat pellets diets and water. Groups 2-5 were the experimental group and the rats were treated with equal dose of phenylhydrazine. Group 2 consist of the phenylhydrazine induced kidney damage; the rats were treated with phenyl hydrazine only. Group 3 was administered 500 mg/kg of the extract simultaneously with phenylhydrazine. Groups 2-3 were sacrificed under chloroform vapour at the fourth day in other to ensure that the level of phenyl hydrazine is enough to induced renal damage. Group 4 was post-treated with 400 mg/kg of the extract for 14 days. Group 5 was post-treated with 300 mg/kg of the extract for 28 days. Groups 4-5 were then euthanized under chloroform vapour and were sacrificed immediately after the respective final day of administration. The kidney was surgically removed, immediately blotted using filter paper to remove traces of blood, weighed with an analytical balance then fixed in 10% formal saline preparatory to histological processing. Results:-The experimental animals treated with phenylhydrazine only were observed to produce body weakness, loss of appetite, decline body weight, respiratory distress. Conclusion:- The results suggest that Vernoniaamygdalina (bitter leaf) have great level of renal recovery from phenylhydrazine induced kidney damage. It has nephro-protective effects; it is therefore safe to consume so as to enhance renal functioning. Further research should be carried out in humans because renal disease is a problem now globally.

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