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Natural Drinks For Healthy Skin and Hair

These detox drinks will give you healthy skin and hair

These detox drinks will give you healthy skin and hair

The trend that’s probably here to stay is detox waters. Regularly having a jarful of detox water can help one lose weight as it helps in increasing metabolism, flushes the toxins right off the body, keeps you feeling full and energised. Reasons enough to start drinking it?

What is detox water?

Basically, it’s water infused with fruits and veggies, and even herbs. It helps you keep your body hydrated, skin tight, and the fat at bay. And you really wouldn’t mind drinking flavoured water as against drinking boring normal water!

What does it do?
Researchers are at it, but the consensus is that since drinking loads of water helps anyway, the added benefits of the infused fruits and veggies add to the power of water, infusing it with vitamins and nutrients.z

Take a pitcher or a fruit infuser bottle and put all the fruits into the jar. Add some ice, in case you want it chilled, and add water till the neck of the jar. Leave it standing for a couple of hours in the fridge, and the water is good to have. Here is a list of some popular detox liquid options…

Take three two-inch cinnamon barks (avoid powder, as it clogs in the water), and drop them into the bottom of a onelitre pitcher. Cut out apple, core and all, into thin, round slices; add these also into the pitcher. Add water and leave in the fridge for an hour or overnight. Have it the first thing in the morning as it can reduce BP, and the antioxidants in apple help reduce cancer risk.

The method remains the same – bung in slices of one whole green apple into the jar. Add mint leaves (slightly bruise the leaves so that they release the flavour into the water faster). Pour water and leave the mixture for one hour to infuse well. This jar can be refilled again. Since both green apple and mint have appetite-suppressing properties, this is one detox water recipe that works wonders for those trying to lose weight as it keeps those cravings at bay.

Slice one kiwi and one mediumsized cucumber into the jar. Add bruised mint leaves. Fill with water and leave for two hours. This detox water is great to combat bloating, and the cucumber, rich in vitamin C, helps the skin glow, and aids hair growth.

This infusion is quite a power drink. It helps stabilise blood sugar, keeps hunger at bay and boosts weight loss. Slice lemon, add chia seeds and top with water. Leave for three hours to infuse before drinking.

Pineapple is rich in bromelain – an enzyme that helps soothe inflammation in the body. Add cubes of pineapple to water and leave it in the fridge overnight. It is a great after-fever drink. It’s an instant energiser for those trying to overcome postviral fever fatigue.


Slice both the fruits as thinly as possible, and drop them into the pitcher. Add a few sprigs of fresh mint leaves. Add water and leave it overnight to chill. In the morning, add one spoon of honey to the water before drinking. This is a great energy booster and fat burner. Citrus helps cleanse the body, and strawberry in burning fat.

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