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Why do most Nigerians believe prayers is the solution to all financial problems?

Why is there religion in the first place?

It’s not only Nigerians who look up to perceived higher beings for their problems.

It’s a common trait amongst humans to look up to their God or god on things they can’t control neither understand.

I lived with people who served sticks as gods, they were in dire need for protection, something to shield them from their perceived enemy, or some higher power to bless them with wealth.

All of these boils down to fear of the unknown. It shows how desperate some humans are.

When people are afraid and uncertain they can worship anything if they’re a little convinced that it would help them get out of the situation.

Here in Nigeria, I can’t talk bad about Muslim in the North without fear of being met with violence and i can’t talk bad about Christianity in the South without being thoroughly insulted like I’ve perceived on the comment section of this answer.

It’s no news that Nigeria is now the poverty capital of the world despite our zealousness in religion, which also seem to suggest religion being synonymous with poverty and lawlessness.

I’m not saying rich countries ain’t religious but the way they do things is fanciful, some religious services in Nigeria is something to worry, it’s an eyesore.

Why do most Nigerians believe prayers is the solution to all financial problems?

Some times we are afraid when we’re supposed to be brave and brave when we’re supposed to be afraid.

I’m not saying praying to God or god is bad, it’s your life but the reality is, pray till eternity and nothing would change without putting in the work.

Many Nigerians prefer to pray , fast and worship in their religious organizations hoping for manna to fall when they’re supposed to be productive elsewhere.

I used to worship in a church that held church services four times in a week. Instead of enjoying the service I was complaining bitterly inside, you can’t stay back home or work because you have a role to play.

Nigerians have prayed and Keep praying for change, it’s time we support those prayers with serious work not just for ourselves but our country.

“My God is not a poor God!” okay, I agree. But why are you starving?

Be ye wise as serpent!

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