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Dough known as puff puff

Puff_puff is a Nigeria snack food that is consumed as fast food or snack. Some Nigerians go into Puff_puff business, this is one of the quickest snack business you can easily set up in Nigeria It simple and cheap to start.

All purpose flour 1kg
3table spoons of sugar
Yeast 1 teaspoon
Pinch of salt
Onions and pepper(optional) warm water and vegetable oil

Pour flour in a bowel,add yeast,Sugar and salt. Mix together add warm water it shouldn’t be too thick and it shouldn’t be too watery, Mix very well and allow to rest for 40mins or more fry it in a good quantity of vegetable oil.
Fry until the puff_puff becomes brownish in colour.
Remove them into a filter to drain out the oil.
then Its ready for sale and consumption.

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