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7 Secrets That You Must Keep To Yourself

7 Secrets That You Must Keep To Yourself If You Want To Succeed In Life

The people that you have as friends today can turn to be your enemies tomorrow. It is therefore very vital to keep some secrets to yourself so that it will not be used against you tomorrow.

So many people will pretend to be your friend today in order for them to get vital information from you. Understand that it is not everyone that have good intentions towards you, thus keeping secrets about your personal life could help you a lot.

Here I have been able to come up with 7 secrets you need to keep to yourself.

1. Material Belongings

There are many things in life more important than their cost. Modesty is a wonderful accessory which should make you learn the value of a certain material thing that boosting it to others. Keep it to yourself and exploit its significance unless someone else needs its help.

2. Family Problems

There are many things that happen in families. However, the problems you experience in your family should never be shared with outsiders. Some people are good at using your problems against you, and they will use them to make things worse in your family that help you solve them.

3.Your Income

Money is never a good thing to talk about in public. Many people have been betrayed because of money. You never know the financial situation of your friends, thus telling them your financial secrets could only lead you into problems.

4. Secrets of Others Who Trust You

If others have confided in you, then it is your sacred duty to keep their secrets buried deep in your chest throughout your life. If a friend or relative trusts you with confidential information you cannot take it casually. If you let out the information then the trust is broken and the friendship is severed forever. Socially, your image will go down considerably, if you can’t keep the secret of others – as everyone has something or the other which he can share with someone whom he trusts the most.

This matter assumes all the more serious proportions if you are a doctor, banker, marriage counsellor, astrologer, lawyer, financial advisor etc. As a code of professional ethics, you have to and you should leave your lips sealed with the secrets of all your clients or patients – as the case may be. Of course, there could be exceptions such as the situation is life threatening or endangering the life or property of others!

5. Goals For the Future

There is a good chance you are more likely to achieve your long-term goals if you don’t share them with anyone. Keeping your goals to yourself will have an inner force driving you to achieve them.

6. Past Downfall

Everyone has some a dark past. It is advisable that people should avoid talking about their past resentments as much as possible. Talking about your bad past could make people feel bad or even hate you for no good reason.

7. Passwords

It would be extremely naive to give away your passwords, codes and pin numbers. Whether it is the email password or the log in password of your bank account, it is important to keep your passwords, codes and pin numbers with yourself. Nobody would like his or her private messages from girlfriend / boyfriend to be read by a third person.

Similarly, wicked people can hack into your account and take away your life time’s savings and investments. Therefore, make sure that your passwords, codes and pin numbers are kept very safe and beyond the reach of anybody.

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