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Why do Nigerian love foreigners?

The question alone should tell you about Nigerians.

It is true we love foreigners, mostly white foreigners because I feel they are more distant from us and we want to make them feel at home, make them feel comfortable.

It is not only white foreigners who get this sort of treatment, it is how we treat visitors in general.

When foreigners come to my country, to my home; they are uncertain what might unfold, Some are even worried about their safety, others might have personal needs they can’t meet because they are in a foreign land. It is my duty to ensure they get everything they want to feel comfortable during their time with me or around me.

This is how I feel and I don’t think I’m alone in this way of thinking, because I see such behave in all the places i have been to in Nigeria.

Trust me, I’ve been to over 20 States in Nigeria, there is no geopolitical zone I haven’t been to.

My grandfather usually save the best of local wine and Gin for his visitors. When we have visitors, he would do anything most times to the envy of his wives to ensure the visitor(s) are comfortable. All he wants is to see them happy during their time with him.

He used to say; money owed to debtors, body pains, and such personal needs doesn’t matter at all when there is a stranger in his home. He said “ensuring visitors were comfortable was more important than anything”.

And if there was trouble in the town, he would do anything to protect his visitors. Who ever that wants to attack his visitors will have to go through him.

No wonder my grandfather’s chieftaincy title is Egenikamai-owei 1 of kunbo-owei Clan. Which loosely translates to “the man who entertained the most visitors”.

This exact behaviour is inborn on us his children. This is how most Nigerians view strangers.

Visitors are a burden, a huge load we are willing and glad to lift at all cost.

The Nigeria of today is sort of like a war zone. Everyone is thinking fast, and fighting hard to survive the stringent hands of ‘bad government’ but even as that, our inbuilt traits are not dead in us.

Nigerians don’t even know they are treating foreigners or visitors with love, what they know is that, if they were to be in that foreigner’s shoes it’s the exact way and manner they would love to be treated.

Many persons who has being to Nigeria and were treated like kings and queens has remained close mouthed, leaving the disgruntled few who had negative experiences during their time in Nigeria and has gone ahead to pollute the internet on how bad Nigerians are.

Three things can not be long hidden:

The sun, the moon, and the truth.

When you come to Nigeria, when you interact with Nigerians, it doesn’t take long for you to see their true character, their soft hearts and how kind they can be.

Many foreigners are married to Nigerians and they will tell you it’s one of the best decisions they made.

Find your truth and stick with it!

God bless Nigeria!

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