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The perfect trick to liquid soap making

Liquid soap
Materials. Quantity

  1. Texapon. I milk cup
  2. Soda/ Light ash. (1 milk cup)
  3. Sodium Laurie sulphate (SLS) 1 milk cup
  4. Nitrosol. 1milk cup
  5. Formalin 1/2 Lucozade bottle
    6.Caustic soda 2 spoon
    7.Sulphonic acid. 1/2 lucozade bottle
  6. Perfume( Atlantis and lemon grass) 2rubs
    9.Colourant ( green) to taste
  7. Water 15 litres
  8. Industrial-strech (optional) a pinch

Function of some chemicals

  1. Texapon: is for thickener, it makes it to be thick.
  2. Light ash or Soda ash: is a dirt remover, it removers dirts from your kitchen utensil or fabrics.
  3. Sodium laurine sulphate (SLS): is a foaming agent and it gives weight to your product.
  4. Nitrosol: is for thickener: it also makes your product to be thick.
  5. Formalin: is used for preservation. We use formalin to preserve our products.
  6. Caustic soda: is a soap base alkalin. it is the major component for production. It’s also removers stains.
  7. Sulphonic acid: is also a foaming agent.
  8. Perfume: it gives good or nice scent/ fragrance to your product.
  9. Colour: is for colourant.
  10. Water: is the main base for production.
    Container: for packing your product.
  11. Label: for labeling your product.

Equipments needed for production.
Nose mask, Hand gloves, Long stick ( you can make use of mobbing stick), Big bowl / big paint bucket, Container, Label, Hydrometer.

Note: Hydrometer is used to guage the acidic level of your product.
Procedure for fermentation of caustic soda. 1. Get a small bucket ( maybe Custard Bucket) with half water on it, pour in your Caustic soda stir it very well, allow it ferment for 24hours.

  1. The next day use your hydrometer to reduce the acidity level of the gauged soda to 12.75. If the concentration of the caustic soda is high, you should add small water into it to a lower concentration of 12.75.

Note: 15 liters of water is needed for production of this liquid soap.

Note: what so ever that, you are going to do with water, you should fetch from your 15 Liters of water need for production. i.e For the soaking of caustic soda take a little water from your water that’s the 15 liters

Production process

  1. In your bucket of water put in your Nitrosol and stir very well.
  2. Pour in your fermented guaged soda, stir it very well, until it thicken.
  3. Add in your Texapon and stir it very well
  4. Add in your Sulphonic acid and stir it very well
  5. Add in your light ash/ soda ash and stir it very well
  6. Put in your SLS and also stir it very well
  7. Put in your formalin and stir very well
  8. Put in your perfume and colour, stir it very well before you pour it into the container.
    Now, practice!

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